Would a person start a catering business without first learning how to cook?

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Expectations? Lower them!
Ian Irvine, an Australian bestselling author wrote: “Feel free to write the most beautiful, thought-provoking words in the English language. The public will feel equally free to ignore them. Rarely, someone will write a book and get it published straight away.  I was once in a roomful of writers when that question was asked, and only three writers raised their hands. Most writers work for 5-10 years before getting their first book published (my first took 9 years.)

Remember the 10,000-hour Rule
“That’s roughly how much work and practice it takes to become accomplished in any field, whether it be sporting, creative or professional. 10,000 hours is 5 years of full time hard work. To become a virtuoso, triple that.”

Bestseller Authors Need Years
Building up their audience takes lots of time, so it is surprising, that authors dream of their first book…

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